American Education Reform Essay

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Education Reform
The American Schooling System has been reviewed many times over the years. Although
there is no way to have “Perfect” school systems, there are ways to improve it. The German
Schooling System is step in the right direction. The German School System focuses on the
individual student levels, emphasis on important subjects, have reasonable break times/ overall
reasonable school time period.
The German School System focuses on each individual student levels. From grades one
through four, students attend an elementary school know as
in Germany. During
this time the students learn the basics and are the same difficulty level/ same subjects for all
students. After the fourth grade, the students are split into appropriate schools based on the
students academic ability. The teachers from the elementary school recommend what school the
student should be placed in. The teachers use a certain criteria when recommending a school for
the student such as: academic achievement, self­confidence and ability to work independently.
Also, the families have a say in what school the students are put in. The student attend one of
three different school based the different academic levels:
. Hauptschule, grades five through nine, teaches the same subjects as the
Grundschule but at a slower pace and with some vocational­oriented courses. The second school
is Realschule, teaches grades five through ten usually, leads to part­time vocational school and
higher vocational schools. Students with high academic achievement can transfer to Gymnasium
at graduation. The Gymnasium leads to a diploma and prepares students for university. This
school provides more challenging subjects taught usually include German, maths, general
science/local studies, art, music and sport.

At this point, students can further their education by attending a university or an equal
credit. The German School System focuses the three R’s. The three R’s are: reading, writing and
aRithmatic. This is important because the German School system focuses on subjects that are
essential and will help for any career the student desires.
On average, primary and secondary
teachers' salaries in Germany are higher than those in other countries. For example, the starting
salary for a primary teacher in the US is $50,007 (average is US $29 411), while the salary at
the top of the scale for a primary teacher with minimum training ­ which, in Germany, is usually
a master's degree ­ is US $66,396 (average is US $46, 909 ). Teachers also get a better salary
which is what it should be because teachers are the ones preparing the next generation.
The German School System…