American Education System

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The United States education system has not changed for over a century. The world is improving and new advances are being made, yet something as critical as education has not adapted. This presents an incredible problem: students aren’t succeeding and our test scores are lower than other countries. We are a global superpower, a place of prosperity, and opportunity; yet if our students are unable to reach their full educational potential, we are holding them back. The problem of the current system lie in cultural and social aspects because of our perspective: job prestige, lack of student consideration, and unnecessary homework and testing.
In the U.S., when people say that their occupation is a teacher they are met with nonchalance. Teaching
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This means that students are left behind, they aren’t able to grasp the information necessary for success. Without this essential knowledge, students are still pushed to go to the next grade level. Teachers are encouraged to move students along even if they know that the student is not prepared for the advanced information. This leads to students failing the next grade level yet even after these events, to still be pushed to the next educational level. Another contributing factor to students failing is the large amount of homework. As stated, many teachers feel it necessary to assign work to students even if they are pointless. These assignments take a large amount of time to complete, which deprives students of free time. This is also seen in the large usage of standardized testing in the U.S. education system. Tests are a large part of teachers curriculum, students are constantly tested which have harmful effects. Firstly, standardized testing has been reported ineffective and unnecessary as the process only requires memorization to be successful. More so, since students partake in so many tests they are highly likely to forget this “essential information” so that they can memorize other knowledge for further tests. All these homeworks and tests require a large amount of time and more time studying outside of the classroom does not equate to more knowledge. This is evident from the claim of …show more content…
We as Americans are prideful of our nation and want so badly in our subconscious to have our education be the best. People travel from all across the world for the opportunities we give. These are all reasons why we feel that we are the best, because we should be. This logic applies the same methodology seen when interpreting the source by Hill. The way we are able to see Hill’s work is by utilizing our subconscious. It plugs in our thoughts and knowledge into things that we feel should be there or look. This creates the 3D effect of 2D art, we are able to see something that truly isn’t even there. Sadly, our subconscious will does not determine the truth. When you analyze the complexity and compilations of statistical data it is apparent that we need change. We are not exactly fit to make a decision of our education because of these biases. The source by Schlesinger is aimed to expose and argue that we need to pay more attention to how credible our sources of information from is. Due to this logic, we can identify why we are discussing this issue and it is because of this outside thinking. We need much more of this process of analyzing (critical thinking) in the future which is evident in the Asia Society interview in which we witness the importance of becoming educated so that one may have the power to