American Education System

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A distinct aspect of America’s strength and renown is its structured system of education. The American education system is the heart of success that will lead us students in secondary education to unbounded achievement. Many individuals in high school have the potential and capability to achieve under the stable foundation of our education system. In concern to aspects of higher graduation rates and government assistance, the American education system nurtures and promotes a fundamental foundation for our present and future achievement. If critics believe the education system is destined to forsake its students, how is it that many of us students are improving and displaying achievement? A primary example of student success under this system …show more content…
With continuous government support, we have the assistance to achieve under the education system. In the federal government, Brown states how, “rising graduation rates are evidence that the Obama administration’s education policies are working, and that Congress should stay the course as it works on rewriting No Child Left Behind”. Under this system, we students clearly have a stable foundation of support, and once Congress ratifies a refined version of this law, states will have a greater impact on student success. In a municipal government such as New York City, Mary Frost of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle mentions in her article, “SAT, AP test scores up for NYC students”, that Mayor de Blasio’s reform, College Access for All, is a plan that is designed to aid students in the process of applying for college. Frost states how, “every student would have access to college prep tools, such as campus visits, application help, college-age mentors and financial counseling”. Along with this plan, Frost states how the “AP Expansion program has brought new AP courses to more than 70 schools since 2013”. Will the aid from the government meant for the future of the youth be a proper base for us students? With structured reforms for education, as shown in New York City’s municipal government, we students essentially have most of the support from our education system that can stabilize and pave our paths toward achievement in high school, and success in the