Creative Writing: Don T Fear Death Swimming Bird

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Don't fear death swimming bird. If you do so it'll jump at you faster than light. Your star will fade overtime and we all dissapear. That's why you mustn't cower around it. It will cast its shadow over you and gently guide you too infinity. As it does all who are comfortable in its presence. The sheer beauty is knowing that it isn't he end, and you shall not rest eternally as you have been told. You will rest until you are called to rise again from your deep sleep. By a voice that will caress your soul and embrace you entirely. You will grab the rope and rise up into greatness and rule in perfection. Like gods...

Wait on it but gaze upon these starry skies. Passively take notice of the way they reflect in our eyes. Stop getting caught up so much in this bitter society and step into this surreal world. These chains they bound on are children begin to chafe with educators twisted views of structure. You must see and take hold of you are. Don't let it stir ones loins but be the stirrer. And then may you rise above and into infinity.
We once had things in common
Now the only thing we share is the refrigerator
Ice cold baby
I told you I'm ice cold
You out there flying high
Go ahead and fly that thing
But fly alone

You always smokin in the house
What if my mother comes over
You can't get up and get a job
Cuz this little hustles gettin you by
Your the dealer
And the stoner
With the sweetest kiss I've ever known

I knew what I was on
I had a pilot