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American Government

The five primary missions of government in the constitution of the United States are popular sovereignty, Checks and Balances, Federalism, Limited power of Government, Separation of Government. Popular sovereignty means the ultimate power rest with the people. Checks and Balances mean no one branch of government can overpower the other branches of government. Each had a check on the other power of branches. Federalism is the dividing and sharing of power between state and national government. Limited power means that the government is restricted by the laws and constitution and it has to operate within the framework of the laws of constitution. Separation of government divides the government into legislative, Executive and Judicial Branch, each with its own power and duties.

A. Politics determine whom we select as our governmental leaders and what policies they peruse. A policy system is set of institutions and activities that link together government, politics and public policy. Each interacts with one another in attempting to achieve a desired result would be the politics have to follow a policy system with rules in order to determine who will be selected as a new government official.
B. As a candidate running for the U.S. senate the two policy initiatives I would use in order for votes to elect me would be popular Sovereignty the ultimate power that rest with the people and Federalism divide and sharing of the power between state and national government. The reason I would pick these two would be because I would want the people to know that what they say would have an impact on my decisions. I also would want them to know that I would be doing things fair and equal.

The three basic principles of natural law would be every person is born with the inherit rights of life, liberty and property. Governments cannot exist without the consent of the government. If the government is violation natural law then we have the right to over throw the government. The tree come together to justify the overthrow of an existing government using the help from one another’s rules. The chance to life would be the right to liberty that follows with property. Locke believed that ownership of property is created by the application of labor to it. According to his theory of ownership, humans make objects into property by applying labor. In addition, property precedes government and government cannot "dispose of the estates of the subjects arbitrarily."

Separation of power is an example of the three branches would be the Legislative, Executive and Judicial. The Legislative branch is the branch that makes the law for the people. The Executive Branch is the branch that carries out the laws. And the Judicial branch is the branch that insures the fairness to the people and protects the constitutional liberties. The legislative branch comes up with a law that they think would people the human life like for example drinking while driving. Know the legislative branch looks into the law and decides whether or not they believe the law is a good one and will make things better most of the time they approve it. And then finally The Executive branch carries out the law by enforcing it and letting everyone know that there is a new law and it will be in full affect. They work together to justify one another into making life a safe and better place.

The goals of structure of government would be to prevent a monarchy (dictator) and to prevent a Super- majority. Separation of powers, Checks and balances, Federalism are three examples of coming into power in our country. Separation of power separated the power between a state and national government. Checks and balances means no one branch of government is higher than the other. Federalism is to divide and share the power between the state and nation. The three structures of government prevent a monarchy or dictatorship by handling their own duties in the right way