American Government Flaws

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The structure of our society revolves around our democratic republic government. Although, this type of government owns benefits, it also has downsides. For example it has a complex system, vulnerable to corruption, flawed in certain issues, and fails to fulfill its full potential to serve the people. There are other types of government that have the ability to benefit the citizens more than the current government benefits them.
Our government’s system is difficulty for some people to grasp. For example there is the voting system, and the creation of laws. These two topics seem to be easy to understand but for some individuals that’s not the case. In the voting system one would think when they go to cast their vote that their votes goes directly
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government has many flaws, which prevents it from working as well as it could. One of these faults is that the government is easily influenced. This government is supposed to be a democrat republic, but it fails at fulfilling that name. The citizens are supposed to have the ultimate authority in this type of government, but the U.S. government is unsuccessful at allowing the citizens to have the authority. The problem currently happening is the “American government is now increasingly responsive to special interest not public interest”. This means certain individuals and organizations have an unfair influence over the government. It shows how easily they can be influenced by money. There are some citizens who state “the government is run by a few big interests looking out only for themselves.”3 Citizens have taken notice of this sickening trend. They feel that the government has no need to hear the opinion because what really matters is if the government benefit from it. “A 2000 survey found that over sixty percent of respondents cited the undue influence of special interest as a reason for not trusting government.”3 The government needs to take notice in their citizens and allow them to have a say. The longer the government takes to allow people to have a say the more distant they’ll become because of the lack of concern they show for their citizens. Abe Lincoln once described the democratic government as “of the people, by the people, and for the people”3 , …show more content…
is failing to provide for its people the better option for the U.S. would be to turn to communism. Although, communism has received a bad reputation because of North Korea and China it’s actually beneficially towards the people. The pros of communism are there are no class systems, it leads to a safe and strong nation , everyone has access to health care, and low unemployment rate. As of now not many Americans can afford to go to the hospital because of the outrageous amount of money they charge. Even when a person has insurance the bill is still expensive. A person should never be denied medical care because of the inability to pay for all of it out of pocket, which is why communism can help. In communism it allows their citizens to receive the medical attention that they need, typically free of cost.5 It wouldn’t be such a burden on people to get a checkup or go to the hospital when they’re hurt. Then there is low unemployment rates. At this moment the unemployment rate in the United States is five percent. It’s high, but communism can fix that because every in the society has the ability to work, and since social classes are gone the people in poverty just have to work and “they are assured of always having a roof over their head, food on their table and clothes on their back”.5 Also communism has completely abolished the hire and fire system in order to lower the unemployment rate this ensures everyone with a job.4 Another