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Revolutionary War Study Guide
Know the definitions for the following words:
1. Revolution- a sudden complete change.
2. Loyalist- a colonist who was a supporter of King George III and Great Britain.
3. Boycott- An organized campaign in which people refuse to have any dealings with a particular group or business.
4. Minutemen- A member of the militia of citizens who claimed to be ready to fight for the British at a
“minute’s notice.”
5. Patriot-a person who believed in American independence.
6. Traitor- someone who is not loyal
7. Mercenary- soldier who is paid to fight for a foreign country.

Know the following information:

George Washington was the leader of the Continental Army.
Charles Cornwallis was the leader of the British Army.
France helped the Continental Army defeat the British.
The Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783 putting an end to the Revolutionary War.

Know the advantages and disadvantages for both the British and American colonists during the American Revolution. You will be required to write a paragraph comparing the advantages and disadvantages.

The British advantages were that they had plenty of resources and well trained soldiers. More soldiers than the colonists. They had more money for supplies and came prepared with welltrained officers. They had mercenaries to help them. The disadvantages were that even though the resources were plentiful they were an ocean away. They were fighting in a land they didn’t know. Leaders were all the way in Britain so it was hard to get information. Also the British soldiers were generally not as determined as the Americans.
The American colonists’ advantages were they were determined soldiers because they were fighting for a cause; they also used Native American style of fighting called guerilla warfare. They were also good marksmen and had George Washington as their leader. They were also fighting on their own territory so they were familiar with the land. France helped with supplies and sending soldiers. Some disadvantages were their soldiers were not as well-trained. There was a shortage of food and other supplies. They had to train new officers and couldn’t get the money need to support the war. They also lacked the better weapons that the British possessed.

At the beginning of the unit we did a simulation where you were given stamps in order to do things in the class that you had previously had freedom to do. You will be asked to write a paragraph describing how this made you feel. What would you have done if you were a colonist? Would you fight for your freedom or try to make peace? Be able to write a paragraph from the perspective of either a colonist or the British and discuss their reasons for going to war.
You must be able to write a short response about how different sources portray
George Washington.
Be able to write about 2 of the following events. You must discuss what the event was and the colonist’s reaction:
1. Proclamation of 1763- 1763
 Result of the French and Indian War
 The British Government set a