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I want to tell you something about American school. I can describe American school in many ways and some of them were about school system in America. America has a lot of Diversify schools, variety, Financial Aids in college.
The first thing much interesting are the School in America are diversify in many way. There are plenty of private and public college and universities. They have very huge and big class in university. They have plenty follow up courses. They have huge libraries and plenty of books for every course you want to take. In colleges they have free tutoring that they can help you and keep you on track with your courses. There are lots of good teachers who like to help you with your classes. The university and college have plenty of dorms and you can stay in. you don’t have to leave the school for living. They have plenty of transportation system for the student. In big cities and states have plenty of public transportations everywhere. It is easy to get in to the town and out of town.
Second the variety of the college and university. There are many faculties and departments in every college and university. You can find any field you like to study. You can choose any college or university, if you got the requirement points. They have a lot of available course you may need to take online. They have plenty of computers and most of them are in the classes. The education in the university and college are computer support system. You can get computer almost in every class. You do your assignment in the classes and if you want you can take it home with you. You can follow your grade online and follow your instructor by email and stuff.
Third thing are financial aid. The government wills help you with your tuition for the college. You can start from nothing and you can get your associate degree for