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Athletes are important part of the school and can bring pride to any student body. Sometimes even above what education level the school is at is insignificant to how good their football or basketball team is. But athletes are students too. And although they are talented in sports they should still meet the same entrance standards as other students who are at the high school level trying to get into college. As I was writing this essay I tried to convince myself otherwise but still I believe that high school level athletes should still met the same standards that any other student who wants to get into the same college meets. While arguing with myself writing this essay I did some research and found that there was two reasons why athletes should perhaps have this benefit. First, athletes can generate a lot of revenue for the school, whether it is at a high school or a college level. So they are a great benefit to not only the school but the other students as well. The second reason is, in order for these athletes to become good to get people to come to their games they mush practice. And these long hours of practicing and training take time out of their studies.
Before I go into the research I did about why athletes should be given special standards for entering a college from high school I'm going to talk about why I disagreed with it at first. Athletes may be talented in whatever sport they might be playing but in the end athletes at students as well. And because being student comes before athlete they should also follow the same standards that all students follow. By letting a student cut coroners during the college process will only be setting them up for hardships for later. If a student is accepted into a school they’re not really ready for
Sharifi 2 because of their athletic skills they will suffer in their other classes. How is knowing how to swing a bat or kick a soccer ball going to help them in English? Even in the long run this could be hard for the student.
This is not meant in a rude way, but not everyone can play sports their whole lives and those who do are a very select few.
Athletes help the school in more than one way. They not only get students to be proud of their school but also help the school get money. According to one article colleges are adding more sports to get more revenue, “Now Pacific is planning for a return next season to boost enrollment — and revenue. Budget cuts in higher education make intuitive sense in a nation still suffering from almost two years of bad economic news. Yet dozens of schools across the country are making the same decision Pacific did — to add sports rather than reduce them — and have done so for years.” I suppose that one could argue that as an athlete you could be deserving of getting different standards because of how your performance could help the school. For example, if you play on a good team then more spectators will come to your games and that will help the school get more revenue. In the same article it is mentioned how much money could be gained from a popular sport such as football. “Pledges are being sought from