American Teen Essay

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Austin Hagood
Mrs. Crummey
English Comp. 1101
September 16, 2010
Parental Pressure on Teens In the movie, American Teen, there were many types of parental pressures shown on teens entering college. This is a negative trait because more often than not, this leads the teen in the wrong direction or results in the teen making poor decisions. According to the PewResearchCenter, only nine percent of college students think that they need more parental pressure. In life, emotional, traditional and financial pressure will have a negative impact on teens entering college. American Teen character Hannah is a teen that endures parental pressure in an emotional state. In high school she was the “outcast” and did things different from the
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A big point that his dad tells him is that he shouldn’t pass the ball so that scouts will be able to see him score. This put him in a tough spot because when he doesn’t pass the ball, his teammates and coach get upset and when they all do, his dad gets upset, and all this takes a toll on Colin. It would be nice if his dad would talk to him and let him know that he would be proud of him no matter what happened with basketball. I think that it would really help Colin focus more and try harder to get the scholarship that he needed. In the end Colin ended up with a basketball scholarship to Indiana Tech and his dad is extremely proud. In conclusion, I strongly believe that parental pressure is a negative action that teens are forced to take on by their parents. It can be detrimental to their success because the teen always seems to be more focused on trying to make someone happy o, on the other hand, doing the opposite of what their parents say. By watching this movie, I saw that parental pressure happens quite frequently and that it is easy to fix. When I am a parent, I am going to try to love my kids and care for them with as little pressure as possible. I think that this will result in a better relationship between parents and their