An Analysis Of The Communication Industry

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With the growing competition in communications industry, merger integration and capital operation of large manufacturing enterprises are becoming more frequent. Transformation and upgrading of the industry are imminent, Under the current situation, more emphasis is focused on market research for excellent domestic communications equipment manufacturers and telecom service companies, especially on the industrial development environment and in-depth study of the purchasers. Because of this, a large number of outstanding domestic communications brands have risen rapidly, becoming leaders in the industry!

This report is based on long-term market tracking information by Forward Intelligence on communications industry. It analyses comprehensively and accurately the structure system from the overall height of the industry for you. This report mainly analyzes development environment of communications industry, development status quo and trends of global communications industry, development of communications industry in major countries (Hong Kong, USA, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, UK and India), development status quo and trends of global communications industry, operation of China’s communications equipment manufacturing industry, development status quo and competition and trends of market segments of Chinese communications equipment manufacturers (mobile phone market, routers, switches, communications base stations, fiber optic cable, optical transmitter).
The greatest feature of this report is forward-looking and timeliness. Based on the development path and years of practical experience, it makes careful analysis and prediction of the future development trends of communications industry. It is a rare quality for communications enterprises and investment companies to accurately understand the latest developments in communications industry, grasp market opportunities, make the right business decisions and clear corporate directions. It is also a heavyweight report and the industry's first on comprehensive analysis of development trends of communications industry and leading enterprises.

During the writing process, the report is supported strongly by the Ministry of Industry, the National Economic Information Center, the National Bureau of Statistics the National Bureau of Customs, the International Institute of Information, Ministry of Commerce of China, Tsinghua University Library, Market and Economy Research Institute of the State Council’s Development Research Center and other institutions. We express our special thanks!

Pls note: This report includes a lot of market data, especially enterprise ranking data, it is for business reference purposes only, we hope corporate advertising clients do not use for advertisement ranking comparison. Otherwise, all the consequences caused, Forward Business will not bear!
Special Notes: Neglection of some subtle signs of dramatic changes in the external environment and untimely update the strategic decisions with environmental changes can lead to loss of competitive advantages. Truly successful enterprises (organizations), consciously or unconsciously, will do scientific analysis of the external environment and thus formulate crucial and scientific business strategies!
Qianzhan sincerely wishes every ambitious enterprise can develop a high-quality business decisions and continue to achieve success!

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Part 1 Overview of the communications industry
Chapter 1: Definition of China communication industry and analysis of its development environment in
1.1 definition of the communications industry
1.1.1 definition
1.1.2 classification
1.1.3 industry chain
1 overview of the industry chain