An angel among us Essay

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Clifford A. Heeter

Dr. Lisa Tyler
English 1101, A01

13 February 2014

An Angel Among Us

“Cliff are you there? I have some horrible news honey! Please call me back immediately.” I heard this message as I answered my voicemail. The person at the other end of this startling message was my mother and she seemed desperate, almost frantic, and greatly anticipated my return call. As I listened to the crackling of her voice, my throat fell into the pit of my stomach and my mind raced with wonder. “What in the world had just happened and how awful was the situation?” I said to myself. I quickly returned her call and listened intently as she explained to me the terrible news of my grandmother passing. Her and my grandmother was extremely close, as were we. I was her “favorite” child and was closer to her than anyone, including my father and my siblings. She was reaching out for my comforting words and needed to be consoled. My mother and I have been extremely devoted to one another my entire life. I am truly a “mamma’s boy” to the maximum degree. We share something that most sons only dream and yearn to have a close personal and loving relationship with their mother. My mother, Charlene Jessie Pankake, was born in 1944 to Charles and Hazel Pankake of Belmont; a small quiet neighborhood in Dayton, OH. Charlene, a.k.a. Charlie to those who know her well, is a petite chubby gal, with soft shoulder length brown hair and large sparkling hazel eyes. She dresses in soft fuzzy sweaters, usually depicting a holiday theme, and comfort fit slacks or jeans. Her smile is as bright as fresh fallen snow and her voice is as soothing as a Tenor singing a jazz solo. Her scent was of White Diamonds, A pungent yet elegant fragrance from Elizabeth Taylor. Charlene is senior citizen, but you cannot tell it because of her energy and activeness. Although her hands are stricken with arthritis, she continues to knit and crochet on a daily basis. She also works out regularly at the YMCA and remains active in charity and church functions. Many have said she sometimes appears to be wearing a halo atop her head from time to time. Charlene grew up in an average middle class family with both parents working at Inland, an automobile parts manufacturing facility. She was taught at a very young age to cook, clean, and take care of her younger brother Roger. She was responsible for Roger’s daily needs: feeding, bathing, and teaching of school lessons. At the age of ten Charlene joined Belmont United Methodist Church and was saved, baptized, and confirmed by her 12th birthday. She initiated a faithful and committed relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. As a young Christian, she started helping others in a multitude of ways. She assisted in feeding the hungry, donating money and clothing to the poor, and volunteering at the Widows Home of Dayton. She knew God had a calling for her and she knew exactly what it was to be. Her calling is her yearning to help others at all costs. Her greatest gifts were her “gift of gab”. This gift made it easy to communicate with and to help others. Charlene treats even strangers as family, striking up a conversation with anyone she meets. . She graduated from Belmont High School in 1962 and went on to Miami-Jacobs Career College. After obtaining an Associate’s degree in Accounting she joined the workforce with a position as the payroll manager of the Bendix Corporation. Charlene met Clifford C. Heeter, my father, in 1965. They were married and she became Charlene Heeter. Quickly she became pregnant with the first of five children a year later. She had two young children already when I was born in 1970 and then had two more children within six years of having me. My father forced her to leave the job that she so truly loved, in order to raise his five children. At that point she became a domestic engineer responsible for feeding, clothing, and cleaning up after a family of seven. Mom worked night and day