An Essay On My First Day Of Thanksgiving

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A typical Thanksgiving consists of having family over, enjoying a feast, and watching the parade or football. When I was younger my Thanksgivings were not super typical, we would need to celebrate them a few days early since my dad job did not allow him to have holidays off. The Thanksgiving of 2008, when I was ten, was especially different and exciting. This would be the first year I would be allowed to help cook in the kitchen and I also receive a special surprise. A meal I especially remember is Thanksgiving not because of the food because it gave me an understanding that expectations can change but lead to something more exciting.
The day had arrived, I did not think Thanksgiving would be nearly as stressful because it was not on the typical day. After waking up from a deep slumber, feeling alive and ready for an exciting day with my family and consuming as much food as I could till I exploded. Stepping into the kitchen the tension immediately hit me, I could see the stress on my mom’s face, thinking about preparing the turkey
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After making the batter, I carefully placed the mix into the pie shells, without spilling a drop. The hardest part would be carrying the pies into the oven, cautiously walking to the oven without the batter spilling out, it would like an eternity. I learned how to make the best homemade whip cream, it was very simple for something that tasted incredible. Just by throwing in three ingredients, heavy cream, sugar, vanilla, and mix and then magic, the finest cream for eating. After mixing it all up my favorite part was coming, licking the spoons, I licked them as if they just came out of the dishwasher. Everything was prepared for our dinner and we had some time before the turkey finished, so we were able to