Analysis: Broken Heart

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So I feel in love with this young man who I thought was pretty cool. We started out as friends but it became deeper. He told me that he wasn't ready for it but give him time. So, I gave him time. I asked him not to hurt me because of past relationships. I was an open book, nothing to hide from him. He took my heart even though he new that he wasn't ready and didn't want it. Even after he told me about the other woman and baby, I forgave him and wanted to work on it. Again, he took my heart even though he new he didn't really want it. The words oh the words he would say seemed as if they were filled with love and truth. So I believed him and held on to his words. A whole year in one half later and one new baby he finally tells me that he loves the other more. He picked a fine time to tell me all this information. After all the "don't leave me, I miss you, I don't want you to go, I want you to stay"... Now he's ready to GO! I'm left to pick up the pieces of my heart and looking at this baby that reminds me of him day in and day out. I'm told to just move on. I didn't turn my feelings on for him like a water faucet and definitely can't turn them off. I'm trying to tell myself and believe it everyday, "I don't love him", "He's no good for you", "You're too good for him", and "He doesn't deserve a good Woman like me".
So not feeling going down this road again. He used