Essay about Analysis: Obesity and Families Busy Lifestyle

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Three major causes of the escalating rate of obese people in the United States are: Unhealthy food choices, lack of physical activity, and generic inheritance. Consequently, I chose this topic for my essay is because, currently I have a child that is having problems with weight, due to lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits and unfortunately generic inheritance, my side of the family.

The first cause, Unhealthy food choices, I would have to blame myself, I purchase the food for the household, basically I dictate what my family eats. With my kids getting older, I became less conscious of what I was buying as long as It was quick and convenient. Not thinking of what nutritional value it has. For so many years when they were younger I obsessed over every meal. Healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, cooked meals everyday. Now with my families busy lifestyle, the quicker the meal the better. If it’s just popping something in the microwave or having a sandwich, chips, hamburgers and fries. Schedules conflict on how we can sit down as a family and eat dinner together, which I know is very important. Just doesn’t happen in my household very often.

The second cause, lack of physical activity. As a child I was never taught or told about being physically active. I was always the chubby one in the family. What I learned about physical activity was always taught in school. I thought physical education was all about having fun. I never realized the seriousness of how it