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Resubmission Next- Michael Crichton A biology researcher, Henry, studies the behavior and genetics of different animals. Henry conducts and experiment where he illegally injects human genes into a chimpanzee, creating a transgenetic chimp. The chimp, Dave, takes on most traits of a human child, including the ability to speak and communicate with other humans. One of Dave’s many downfalls is his habit of reverting back to chimp behaviour when he gets angry or stressed. The agency catches wind of Henry’s secret experiment and plots to kill Dave in order to cover up the recklessness of this unauthorized experiment. Despite the disapproval of Henry’s wife, he brings Dave home to his family in an attempt to save his life. Once he settles into life in Henry’s house, Dave becomes close friends with Henry’s son Jamie and the two get along as if they were brothers. Dave even begins attending public school alongside Jamie. Dave, due to his chimp like features, is not well received by his peers, and he quickly finds himself isolated by his fellow classmates. This novel is complicated by many other plots aside from Henry and Dave’s story. Josh, who is a genetic researcher discovers a maturity gene that is said to control reckless and addictive behaviour. Josh’s drug addicted brother hears of his Josh’s findings and exposes himself to the gene. His life is improved a great deal because of the gene, however by the end of the novel rat subjects are dying due to accelerated old age. This is just an example for the many plot lines of this novel. This novel can be linked to biology because the main character is a biology researcher, who studies and discovers a way to create a trans-genetic creature by blending two types of genes into one organism. We also see how Dave adapts to his new enviroment which is also studied in biology. Monsters Inside Of Me Monsters Inside Of Me is a series on Animal Planet. The show is a series of dramatizations of the true stories of people who find strange parasites living on or inside of them. Biologist Dan Riskin identifies the parasites and explains how they find their hosts, and the life cycle of each individual parasite. In one of the most recent episodes, Lemierre’s syndrome causes a young mans face to swell and turn his eyes yellow, while he experiences the symptoms of the flu. A young female athlete begins experiencing extreme fatigue and joint pain, and as it turns out she has Babesiosis in addition to Lyme’s disease. A middle aged woman discovers a lump on her chest, and quickly gets it removed. Shortly after the procedure she experiences bleeding from her right breast, followed by a growing lump which turns out to be two medical sponges. After determining what the problems are, it is explained how they came to contract such deadly parasites. Some of the incidents are shocking, such as cyclospora contracted from raspberries infected with human feces and ascaris lumbricoides contracted from contaminated food in the army. One of the most disturbing episodes was titled “Boy Eaten Inside Out” where David starts to develop irritation around the nose area. David is taken to the hospital where it is found that an unknown bacteria is eating his flesh, and has begun breeding in the soft flesh under his skin. The bacteria release chemicals