Analysis Of Business Specialties

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Analysis of Business Specialties
Team A
Heather Banks, Janet Bragg, Erica Golden, Natasha Miller, Alva Peralta
November 10, 2014
Kim Clark
Analysis of Business Specialties
There are many organizations that exist within society. Although there are many organizations within society, some organizations are more successful than others. There are a variety of reasons why some organizations are more successful than others. The goal of a management consulting firm is to help the organization operate more effectively and efficiently.

A Description of the Firm The type of firm we chose was a management consulting firm, and the name of the firm is: A-Team Management Consulting. Our goal is to help organizations, who are barely staying afloat, operate effectively and efficiently. We begin by analyzing the organizations, and making suggestions that organizations haven’t thought about (Management Consulted, 2013). This is merely one way that our organization helps other organizations operate effectively and efficiently. Indeed, our goal is to help organizations operate to their fullest potential, while keeping their costs low.
Problems and Issues Firm will Address A-Team Management Consulting Firm provides support for organizations, and companies. A-Team Management will first analyze the organizations current issues such as ineffective business and marketing strategies. Other issues include ineffective chain of command as well as supply chain management. A-Team Management will determine if the organizations structure is properly functioning, or if the supply chain management is beneficial for the organization. The issues addressed vary based on the type of organization, as well as the demand for the organization, product, or service. Based on the specific needs A-Team management will address numerous issues varying from cash and capital management to a full business redesign.
Services Offered There are many different types of services offered at A-Team Management Consulting Firm which can aid in making your organization run more effectively. We offer help with strategy which is important to understand how your competitors work and develop a strategy to help your