Analysis Of Love And Hip Hop

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Love and Hip Hop Love and Hip Hop, What does it mean to you? Actually, Love and Hip Hop is a reality T.V show. Some might off jump say that it’s a hot mess just because it’s a reality show however, in my eyes that are not the case. This show is about the Love within Hip Hop music. How rappers are taking their personal relationships and intertwining it within their music. Now I understand that everyone doesn’t like Hip Hop music but, there could be other reasons to watch the show. Such as the relationships and situations that come out with it. I like the show just for that reason because I can relate to some of the people and their relationship problem.

There’s a couple on the show that are going through relationship problems. Yandy and Mandeecees are having problems within their relationship. Yandy just had a son that had to get surgery on his kidney. Both Yandy and Mandeecees did get though the surgery with their son. The main problem is the fact that Yandy wants to be married and have a family. She feels that Mandeecees isn’t ready for the type of commitment that she wants within their relationship.

I can relate to how and what Yandy is going through within her relationship because I’m somewhat going through similar situations. Within my relationship I just feel like I’m ready to prepare myself for my future. I’m a single mother, going to school, and working so I feel now it’s time to set a foundation for my