Analysis Of The Ipad Mini

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“Every inch an iPad” this is a slogan that is put on a print advertisement for iPad Mini 2. The slogan is marketing strategy that is also known as text technique that convince the audience to buy the product. This paper would discuss and explain the purpose, historical background, genre, visual and text technique and also the rhetorical appeals of the print advertisement. The purpose of the print advertisement is obviously to market the product, which is the iPad
Mini 2. The product is targeted for almost everyone, but it is mostly targeting people that are looking for a device that light and portable. It is also for people who owns the iPad but are not satisfied with it because of its size or someone who owns an iPad Mini and want an upgrade.
Price wise the target market is for people who are looking to spend a little more than most product of this category in the market. People are willing to spend a little more on this product since it is a product of Apple. Apple has this print advertisement all over the internet, magazine and even on newspapers. They are doing everything so they can market the product to the audience. Since Apple’s first iPad Mini was successful, they were confident the launch of iPad mini 2 would even more successful so they wanted to maximize the buyers which required more advertisement. Since the iPad Mini was successful buyers were more eager to buy the iPad mini 2. The print advertisement showcased visual techniques that made it seem legit to the buyers.
Consumers always need to see what they are about to buy. The print advertisement showed an iPad mini 2 held from the corner by only two fingers. This shows that the iPad mini 2 is in fact

small and portable so it is easy to carry around. This is a form of Ethos or credibility. The way the photo is shown on advertisement can also be looked as logo because it shows that logically it makes sense that an iPad Mini to be small and portable. The print advertisement