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Movie Review: Equilibrium 1

Movie Review: Equilibrium The movie Equilibrium is an excellent movie to relate to our Introduction to Sociology class. Equilibrium follows the life of John Preston, an elite member of a military team used to locate and destroy all things considered “sensory stimulating”. In this society all citizens are forced to take drugs that suppress all feeling and emotion. The reason for this is the leader “father” of this society believes emotion is the cause of all conflicts such as crime and war. Anyone not taking the drug is considered a “sense offender” and is killed on the spot. John Preston is a firm believer in his government and its cause, until he misses a dose of his drugs. After realizing how
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John expresses deviant behavior by not taking his drugs. He also begins to search for the underground society of “Sense Offenders”. Upon finding them John joins them and is elected to lead the revolution against the government. This behavior is considered deviant because it is so far from society’s norm. Just like murder is considered deviant to us in our society, going against “Father”, the face of their government is incredibly deviant. Another form of deviance in this film the fact that the military was sent out to find “sense offenders” to kill them, however, the whole reason for taking the neutralizing drugs is to prevent violence in the first place. The ultimate act of deviance in Equilibrium was when John used all his training learned from his years in the military to murder “Father” and start the revolution. If you watched this film you would notice that everyone dresses, acts, carries out tasks in the same way. Everyone has the same thinks the same. Everyone believes in the same thing. This is a great example of group conformity. Group conformity is very influential on the individual person. In an experiment preformed by Solomon Asch a group of people were asked a question 3 out of the 4 people were part of the experiment and only 1 was the subject. The three involved would OBVIOUSLY answer the question wrong. When the subject would answer they would conform to the groups answer even though they would know the answer is