Ancient Rome and Romans Essay

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Ancient Rome Religion Pagans religions believed in many of gods and generally worshipped the Earth, sea, sun, sky, and various other elements of nature. The Romans were polytheistic and much of their lives were spent in fervent effort to please their gods. This was because ancient Romans believed that their gods had great influence over their daily lives and fates. In order to placate the gods, the Romans believed that certain rituals and rites must be performed in appreciation that certain rituals and rites must be performed in appreciation of the gods works. As the religion progressed, so did the rituals, this made it necessary to form priesthood’s with specific rituals and traditions. In keeping with the pagan tradition the Romans had a deep respect for the Earth and her cycles. The ancient Roman religion is one of the better known pagan religions. Early Roman religion was based on spirits. The Romans did not build great mythologies like the Greeks, rather they believed everything had a spirit. These spirits were thought to influence for good or evil, daily life. The Romans therefore had to keep them happy through worship and sacrifice. If the rituals and sacrifices were performed properly the Romans believed the gods would be happy and help them. The Romans believed each God had a specific “field” of expertise. There was a god of the sun, Apollo, a god of the sky and many others. As Roman life had many different aspects there were many different Gods. If a Roman