Andrew Jackson Essay

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Andrew Jackson
There have been many types of leaders in our nation’s past. Under President Andrew Jackson’s term, Jackson showed different sides of himself to the people. He was known as a democratic leader who stood up for the people. At the same time he was consider as a dictatorial leader who believed he was above our constitution. When Jackson’s past is reflected upon, there is evidence of both democratic and dictatorial leadership traits.
As a democratic leader Jackson tried to reform the government in order for it to be more democratic. He felt that the U.S senators and elected offices should be place in the hands of the people. To achieve this he wanted to abolish the College of Electors which was in charge of selecting the chief executive. In return he wanted to replace it with a constitutional amendment. Jackson also wanted to make it so that the president could only serve a single term for no longer than four or six years.
With the people listed on his priorities first, he did not like the National Bank or “BUS”, because it helped the rich rather than the poor, 25% of the stock was owned by foreigners, and had irresponsible directors. As a result Jackson set up “pet banks” in states funded by the “BUS”. He also sent a message to the Congress wanting to veto the present Bank of the U.S. The National Bank which was created by Hamilton eventually ended in 1841. Now as a dictatorial leader Jackson was known as “King” Andrew. This side of Jackson killed…