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From reading Chapter 9, I learned that Andrew Jackson had several characteristics and personality traits. He was a fearless, strong-willed and loyal man that propelled him to be where he was in life. I also got the notion that he was also very quick-tempered, strict and tough, those led him to create several enemies while in office. I would think first and foremost he was a self-made man who was born into a poor family and made his own way. He was also a hardened military officer and a tough guy who would challenge anybody to a duel which his nickname "Old Hickory" definitely suits him. His personal experiences as he got older in life are what shaped and contributed to his personality. Why he acted and carried on the way he did. By being born into a poor family he knew how difficult life was. He made hard decisions which he earned his way up to wealth. I honestly agree that he deserved every bit of it. He also made it known to others that he was not the one to mess with because of his hot temper. He took everything personal. The way I understood it is that he acts without thinking it through- he lets his emotions and feelings lead him. He attacked situations aggressively.

Jackson demonstrated traits that appealed to people as a hard worker with an attitude. He did what needed to be done to achieve the desired outcome. Throughout his life he seemed like he was always was trying to prove himself to others. Even after winning several battles he truly never felt the gratification of victory. He was one who only settled for success, who wouldn’t let anything stand in the way. He seemed anxious for a battle/ war to happen. Take note, Andrew Jackson was a military man in title only. He had never served active duty and he had never led troops in combat. He had been elected to his position only by having political friends. Nonetheless, when war broke out, Jackson did not hesitate before offering the government the use of thousands of troops under his command in Tennessee. Even if his man in charge had aborted the mission. He didn’t take any of that in, he himself led his troops (there goes “Old Hickory”) back to Nashville.

His actions spoke louder than words he got his point across. “Jackson when provoked, was an unterrified and accomplished killer”. Although he didn’t have the qualifying military experience to begin with, he earned the reputation and recognition to prove himself. He was successful and recognized for the way he carried him self, his strong and determined personality