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Was Andrew Jackson democratic?
Noah Taylor

Andrew Jackson was democratic. Andrew jackson sided with the people and their choices, he encouraged the people to vote, and tried to give everyone a fair chance to a job. Andrew Jackson was a people person, he believed in supporting all Americans that usually don't have much of a say in what goes on in the government. Andrew Jackson's indian policy was quite controversial. Native
Americans gave him the nickname “sharp knife” because of what he did to them. Jackson had very little sympathy for the natives. In 1830 the indian removal act was passed this allowed the president to move all of the indians out from the east and into the west so he could make room for whites. The reason he tried to remove all the indians is because he was trying to make more room for the american people, the land the indians were on was valuable farm land that the americans could use also there had been conflict over the past couple years between indians and americans and jackson believed this was the best way to end the conflict.

Was Andrew Jackson democratic?
Most white americans supported Jackson, especially the southerners. Tje southerners were eager to expand south which would be good for the future of the country.
Andrew Jackson also encouraged the people to vote instead of legislatures, as you can see in document A the statistics of people voting as opposed to legislatures voting obviously changes. Jackson also defeated the bank because he thought that the bank only supported the rich and wealthy instead of supporting everyone. He thought that the back was standing in the way of opportunity for westerners. When Jackson was…