Animal Cruelty Essay

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Penning and Bear baiting

Bear baiting or penning involves the capture of wild animals in order to fight packs of hunting dogs, being subjected to physical and mental abuse for entertainment. Bears and humans do not interact, but humans have been luring them in in rural areas by providing food and then trapping them. They use methods of leg holds, body grips, and wire snare traps to capture the animals and abuse them. They are restrained in parts such as their eyes, muzzle or their stomachs and abused in a slow death, which could go on for hours or years of their lives. The bears claws and teeth are removed and they are left defenseless. They are put in a pen, where packs of dogs who are trained to attack rip them to pieces, being cornered or chained down and left to die an agonizing death. Besides bears, foxes and coyotes are captured, and eaten alive, which helps in “training” ones dogs for hunting. In parts of the United States and Pakistan penning has been protected by law, condoning the act for entertainment. It is an unfair chase for the animals because they are not mentally or physically prepared to fight off hunting dogs because they are in the corner of a small pen, where they have increased stress levels. Besides the stress levels, they endure starvation, dehydration and/or deep cuts throughout their bodies. Though killing the animal would be cruel, it would probably be a better option for the wild animals who are not given their fair chance to fight because