Animal Cruelty Essay

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Animal Cruelty

Imagine being picked and poked more than once. Imagine losing your life just to please a species. It sounds amazing to do right?-No. A lot of you may know what animal abuse is and a lot of you may not. Although it is much more than just hitting an animal or leaving them in a cage for days without food or water. It’s much more than that , It is sticking a needle into a rabbit’s skin to test medicines, it’s taking off skin with chemicals, it’s also putting mice or rats in a box and spraying types of gas around them to see how long they last. These are just examples of animal cruelty. This is what some people call “Love” for man’s best friend. Some causes of Animal Cruelty are people have abused and tortured an animal for a purpose of making the animal fight for gambling and "entertainment". This action is illegal and there are serious punishments that go along with this type of animal abuse. Some people will hit animals just for pure fun and that’s not okay. Another cause is an impact to buy baby animals then once they get older they practically become a burden to you so you show them that they are that burden buy abuse. You should honestly never get an animal unless you truly know what kind of animal it will be when they get older. Also Animals are used in research when there is a need to find out what happens in the whole, living body, which is far more complex than the sum of its parts. They are used to study diseases, and they haven’t figured out a