Animal Cruelty In Canada

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Humans should only use animals for certain purposes that do not harm the animal and or the human. Animals have been used for decades for various reasons, yet many people had no care or thought for the treatment of these animals. The use of animals for purposes that are harmful to the animal, the atmosphere and humans should be reconsidered as it causes harmful long term harmful effects. In today’s society animals are used for many purposes. Many animals such as deer, duck and more are haunted for no reason other than sport. Animals are also used in laboratories. Products are often tested on certain animals such as rats and mice. In addition to this, they are also used for entertainment purposes and are kept in cages at zoos and aquariums. …show more content…
Sheep shearing is done for the use of the sheep’s wool to make garments. Sheep shearing is also beneficial to the sheep because if they are not sheared, the wool will continue to grow eventually become heavy and soiled causing discomfort to the sheep.
Tougher laws should be implemented against animal cruelty. In Canada, animal cruelty that isn’t upon cattle is seen as only a summary conviction, the accused is liable to a fine not more than two thousand dollars, imprisonment or both. However those who commit cruelty against cattle such as horse’s, mules, sheep or goat are faced with a much lengthy sentence; though it is still rare for one to be jailed for 6 months because of animal cruelty (Duhaime, 2007, para. 14).
In essence animals should have rights just as humans do. If a human being were experimented on the same way that animals are experimented on, with no regard or care for the animal, the experimenter would most definitely be charged, arrested, or even jailed. Yet those who experiment on animals in a cruel and awful manner are not charged because it is done for the sake of science. Animals can be used as long as they are treated fairly and in a humane manner. It is long overdue that human beings treat animals in a way that is best for the animal, not what is best for human beings, this includes being kind to animals, not testing products on these animals, removing zoo’s and aquariums, allowing animals to live their lives free in their natural habitats, no longer killing animals for the use of their fur or