Animal Farm Propaganda Essay

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George Orwell cleverly uses satire in the novella animal farm. Satire can be referred to as “laughter with knives” composers use satire as a humorous way to offer a hidden critique of the real vices and human follies. That’s in Queensland and Headless chooks are the two texts which both show that satire represents the truth by making close reference to animal farm.

George Orwell criticizes the misuse of command in the book. Farmer jones is presented as a stereotype of the unpleasant small farmer. He’s caricature as a mean drunkard who works the animals to death in order to make profit and satisfaction for his own use. Orwell was making a criticism of the world Russian revolution with farmer jones representing Czar Nicholas. The animals rally behind Old major who is the leader of the group. Napoleon is the pig that inspires the animals and boosts their overall morale. He’s speech that he speaks about talks about how the animals will have a better future when he passes away. The working animals represent the Russian working class remain enthused to fight for a difference at the farm. But that does not last for very long. The immediate win of the rebellion and the maxim that the animals follow “All animals are equal” shows towards the end of the novel that the pigs abuse the power and act a start to symbolize the humans (farmer jones). Orwell’s use of satire reveals that anything the humans the do the pigs will react and do the same for their own greed.

Orwell’s use of satirical techniques condemns the rise of dictatorship in the novel. The pigs led by Napoleon are beginning to display the power and control they have over the less intellectual animals. This leads to them to start abusing the power for their own good. Orwell use of irony illustrates that the pigs that once inspired the revolution and invented the mantra “4 legs good 2 legs bad” have now become indistinguishable from famer jones. Orwell’s clear use of dramatic irony in the milk situation as stated “and when they came back they it was noticed the milk disappeared” displays to the audience in that keeping the milk to themselves, the pigs have already betrayed the ideals of the revolution which was to share all the produce. The lack of distribution of the milk acts as a symbol in foreshadowing the way in which communism can lead to dictatorship.

The political issues in soviets Russia’s communist rise in 1929 are exposed in Orwell’s allegorical work in which to show that satire is not only to show the wrongdoing, but also to warn future generations. The anthem “beasts of England” stirs the emotions of the animals and fires the revolutionary idealism. The song gives both courage and solace on many occasions. The lofty optimism of words “golden future time” which appear in the last verse serves to keep the animals focused and on tasks on the Rebellions goals so that they aspire to achieve the promised Utopia.

In a similar way the State of Origin rugby league series is satirized in the YouTube clip “that’s in Queensland” (2013). In this clip the betrayal of the original aims and ideals are satirized. It is now no longer a competition between the two