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Animal Abuse in Circuses

Many circus animal owners have been put under the category that they are animal abusers but, little do people know that not all animal owners are animal abusers. Some people say animals should not be allowed in the circus but then there are people that think they should be allowed in the circus. Many people think that circus people should not have animals because they abuse them, but people need to be aware that they must fit in with regulations of the Animal Welfare Act.

Several people say circus people only abuse their animals during and after the show. According to Gregory, Dick, “Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey is one of the most famous and profitable circuses in the world. Even so, it has been cited for violating the Animal Welfare Act (the only federal law protecting performing animals) more than 100 times.” The are saying that they only abuse the animals and they do not treat them right at all. They are also saying that they do not deserve to have their animals at all. He states that they have been cited over 100 times for animal abuse. Gregory also says “ Circus animals are caged and shackled and forced to work when the boss says so. They never even have a taste of freedom but go from cage to circus to cage. They travel thousands of miles during preforming season which means longer hours in box cars or tractor trailers with no room to stretch let alone run.” What they are trying to say is that they do not give the animals enough freedom and that they keep them in captivity most of the time. They never give them freedom at all and they barely have enough room to move around in the cages.

In addition many people say that the aimal owners do not give the animals their basic needs which causes the animals to live a dismal and boring life. “The circus deprives animals of their basic needs to exercise, roam, and play. Stereotypic behaviors such as swaying back and forth, head bobbing, pacing, bar biting, and self mutilation are common signs of mental stress.” (Quick Facts). What they are trying to say is that the circus is depriving the animals of their basic needs to live and not giving them enough freedom at all. That they are kept caged up for long periods of time which causes the animals to go mental almost. They think the animals should be able to have their freedom all of the time. Secondly, “Animals used in circuses live a dismal life of domination, confinement, and violent training.” (Quick Facts) People are saying that they live a very boring life and they do nothing at all. Also that they live in confinement and are dominated by the owners. Which in some cases is very true but, in others it is nt at all.

Little do people know that the animal owners do not deprive the animals of their necessities. Owens, John says that “Life long bonds of friendship between individual trainers and animals are fostered and promoted through a mutual respect positive training and high levels of care afforded performing animals by their human partners.” What the people are saying is that a lifelong bond is created between the animal and its owner to ensure the animal is well taken care of. Secondly, They are given the room that is needed to live, “The size of the