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Group pre
Hello everybody, we are the group B. Last week, we made a survey which is focus on study habits, reading and writing skills. After that, we got 15 respondents from UEEC class 1. I think most of respondents give the real answer to us. As we know, in general, a good study habit not only can improve the efficiency of time but also can make sure students will not get failed in further exams. In addition, there are many benefits in special reading and writing skills. Now, let’s look at these data from UEEC 1. Maybe the answer will help your study in the future.
Firstly, the question 1, what do you usually do when you use Moodle. From this chart we can easily find that most of students make a revision or practice tests from Moodle. However, no one selected which is ‘have a board discussion’ and‘play games’. Next two questions, one is ‘How many hours do you study out of class every day?’ and ‘How many hours do you think study out of class every day?’ Compare with these two charts, 5 students think they should study more than 3 hours after class every day. Unfortunately, just one of them achieves the goal. By contrast, the less they think learn 1 to 2 hours every day is not enough, the most they choose it in fact.
The following two questions, according to our investigation on reading habits, most of students which is 64.29 percent, can read English articles once or twice per week. Another 21.43 percent of students read three or four times a week. In the group of rest students who participated in this survey, half of them chose never read and another half with every day.
So we can find different people have different reading habits. But more than half of participants consider that vocabulary is most important things and its average ranking score is the highest among five skills which is 4.13. It can be indicated that participants believe that vocabulary plays the most important roles in reading skills, followed by is identify the main controlling idea of each section and understand the main idea. However, it is hard to say which one is more important between understanding the main controlling idea and the main idea, because identifying main idea for each paragraph is just over understanding main idea for article by 0.2 points. Basically, it’s also same to reading speed and grammar.
Next question, we are trying to find out which skill most of students concentrate on. The result is obviously from chart. Compare with reading, listening, speaking and time management, most of respondents believe that writing skills is the most important.
As Bob said we can