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Annotated Catalogue

Films that I chose to use
Item One: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (Andrew Adamson 2005) I chose to use this film because it had a very good fantasy story behind it. Also although Narnia is a fantasy world that doesn’t exist it leaves the audience questioning it especially at the end and the beginning when the children easily move from one world into the next simply from walking through a door. I knew that this film would be interesting to break down and look at theories as to why the director presented it in the ways he did.
Item Two: Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Robert Stevenson 1971)
I chose this film because again it quiet easily moved from one world into the next with ease. I thought it was interesting the way the children were presented through the film and how theories like the willingness to suspend your disbelief was shown between Charlie and Paul.

Item Three: The Wizard of Oz (Victor Fleming 1939)
I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to use for my third until I had done a bit of research into the two above and thought about what angle I wanted to take it down. When I thought about ‘The Wizard of Oz’ I thought it would be perfect as the illusion of fantasy is very clear in this film which was something that I was looking for when I was doing my independent research.

Websites that I found useful
Item Four:
This website enabled me to find out theory into the wizard of Oz and help me prove my statement about why we watch fantasy films even though they pose no realism to our world. I have used a quote from this website in my essay to help explain my theory further and hope that as it is from a person who has looked into desire more closely it would provide more evidence.

Item Five:
This website talks about Freud’s theory on family romance and how children desire new parents to replace the ones that they have because they seem inadequate or do not treat them properly. In the three focus films that I have studied I feel that Family Romance is present and therefore this website helped me to explain the theories better and relate them to my chosen films.

Item Six: esire.html
This is a website about Jacques Lacan. I used it to help me on the theories of desire. I have built up most of my coursework on Jacques Lacan and his theories on desire. The website described the psychoanalysis of film and linked it to the points that I was focusing my films on therefore it was very helpful to me.
Item Seven: nstructure.html
This again is a website on Jacques Lacan focusing on his ideas to the symbolic order and our entrance into language when we started to desire thing that we cannot have.

Item Eight:
This helped me look at the Psychoanalysis of film a little closer. It helped me understand it a bit more as I had a description of it from two different people. I used this in my coursework to show how a spectator is absorbed into a text through interpellation and the willingness to suspend disbelief.

Books I found useful
Item 9: An introduction to film studies – Third Edition – James Nelmes
This book has helped me a lot what looking into the basic ideas for my essay ‘The desire for family in fantasy films and why we watch them. I first found out about spectator theory and how the