Anti Globalization Essay

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Anti-globalization is a term used to describe the political stance of individuals and groups who oppose the neoliberal form of globalization (using the term globalization in a doctrinal sense not a literal one). "Anti-globalization" is also used to refer to opposition to international integration (using the term globalization in a literal sense not a doctrinal one). Anti-globalization can denote either a single social movement or an umbrella term that encompasses a number of separate social movements[1] In either case, participants stand in opposition to the unregulated political power of large, multi-national corporations, particularly the powers exercised through trade agreements. The political power of
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The Internet has the greatest impact on these changes because it enables to organizers quickly and easily arrange demonstrations and protests. Individuals and groups are now able to establish dates, share experience, accept responsibilities, arrange logistics, and initiate myriad of other tasking that would have been impossible to manage readily and rapidly in the past. International protests and demonstrations can be organized for the same date and time, so that a series of protests take place in concern. Furthermore, it is a very cheap way of communication.

Opponents of globalization say it leads to exploitation of the world's poor, workers, and environment. They say it makes it easier for rich companies to act with less accountability. They also claim that countries individual cultures are becoming overpowered by Americanization. One of the examples how to explain what anti-globalists are fighting against is WTO, the target of anti-globalization protests. According to anti-globalists there are several reasons why to oppose the World Trade Organization. This institution covers all negative features which anti-global activists groups protest.

1. The WTO only serves the interests of multinational corporation.

According to anti-global activists, the WTO is not a democratic institution, because their rules are written by and