Anxiety Control Essay

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Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the United States. Researchers have estimated that anxiety affects about 40 million adults in America. Anxiety is generally known as a disorder that causes nervousness, fear and apprehension. The most common cause for this disorder is stress. Anxiety affects one’s whole being. It affects how people feel, their behavior, and has serious physical symptoms. The feel of anxiety is a bit like fear but whereas people know what they are frightened of, they often do not know what they are anxious about. The causes of anxiety can alter a persons mentality and personality but most importantly, their health. Stress in one’s personal life may include problems within their relationships regarding the people they love. Tension can form between family members, spouses and even friendships. As a person who can relate to anxiety, much of my stress usually comes from feeling alone. All through high school I had my friends by my side along with my boyfriend. When my first year of college came, I experienced the change of not having my friends or boyfriend around all the time. My friends attend a different university and I found myself adapting to that change very difficulty. My anxiousness came from the same routine I would go through daily; go to school, go home, eat, homework, go to sleep and wake up and do it over again. My anxiety began to make me feel depressed. I did not know how to overcome it until I began involving myself in other activities to avoid feeling alone.
Stress can also develop in one’s workplace. With deadlines to meet and mounds of work piling over their desk, people tend to lose control and this eventually interferes with their career and health. This also is common in one’s schoolwork. Overwhelming homework or class projects can cause a person to excessively stress out about their work and soon enough develop anxiety symptoms. There have been countless times where I feel that I want to give up on my schoolwork because of the overwhelming amount of work I have to complete by a specific time. I usually experience anxiety when I feel completely lost in a class or when I cannot understand a homework problem.
Another known cause of anxiety can develop from stress due to