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1. Living things are organized. Atoms are organized to make molecules, cells are made of molecules, and cells are the basic unit of structure and function. Cells then make up tissue, tissue make up organs, organs systems are made out of organs and systems make a n) living thing.
Living things reproduce and develop for life to continue. To continue life it must reproduce (replicating ones genes to make similar offspring, passing on DNA).
Living things have adaptations organisms naturally are modified through beneficial mutations that will help them live better in their environment.
Viruses aren’t considered living things because they cannot reproduce without the aid of a living host and do not use cell division for replication.
2. Emergent properties go cell to tissue to organ to organ system to complete living thing. Some examples are human heart it’s made out of BILLIONS of cells made for a hearts function and another example is a plant it needs the order of its current state or else it will not be able to function.
Atom, Molecule, Cell, Tissue, Organ, Organ System, Organism, Population, Community, Ecosystem, Biosphere
4. Energy is the capacity to do work, work maintains organization of the cell and the organism. Metabolism is the chemical reactions using nutrients to make energy
5. Homeostasis is keeping an organism at a proper temp., moisture, acidity, and other functions to live. An example is if someone doesn’t eat lunch their liver will release stored sugar to keep blood sugar levels within normal limits. Lizards may raise its temp. by laying in the sun or to cool by going to shade.
6. Through natural selection organisms are evolved to be better suited to the environment they are living in such as salmon evolving a tail that makes them more evasive from bears so they will live long enough to reproduce and pass their newly evolved genes on.
7. Evolution is considered the unifying concept in biology because organisms share the same basic characteristics it explains so many aspects of biology such as how living things share a common ancestor.
8. Taxonomy identifies/groups organisms using DNA now organisms are classified in species, genus, family, order, class, phylum, kingdom and domain. Binomial nomenclature is assigning each living thing a two part name the first word is the genus the second is the species.

9. BIOLOGICAL CLASSIFICATION MNEMONIC DEVICE Domain Diablos Kingdom King Phylum Pooted Class Chasticingly Order Over Family Farming Genus Goats Species Speed burping
10. There’re are three domains Domain Bacteria, Domain Archaea, and Domain Eukarya. Domain bacteria and domain archaea both contain the prokaryotes, prokaryotes lack the membrane-bounded nucleus found in eukaryotes which are the domain eukarya. Prokaryotes are structurally simple but metabolically complex. Archaea are amazing they thrive in most places that others can’t at extremes of environments bacteria can live