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Physics Options for Rising Juniors and Seniors
Number of Periods Course Meets
Regents Physics
Algebra-based Physics Course that terminates with a Regents Exam. none AP Physics 1
1.5 (alternates double/single – usually fits in with Phys Ed)
Algebra-based, College Board Certified Course that covers mainly the same topics as Regents Physics, with some extensions. Emphasizes lab work, inquiry, and addresses most topics in more depth. AP exam and Regents Exam.
See here for more information: http://media.collegeboard.com/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap_physics1_2page_course_overview.pdf None or 9th grade Regents Physics
AP Physics 2
Algebra-based College Board Certified Course that covers topics not included in Regents Physics: Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Complex Circuits, Electromagnetism, Optics, and Modern Physics.
See here for more information: http://media.collegeboard.com/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap_physics2_2page_course_overview.pdf Regents Physics
(do not take this course if you took AP Physics B)
AP Physics C: Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism
AP Physics C: Mechanics is a calculus-based physics course that covers kinematics, dynamics, energy, momentum, rotation, gravitation and oscillation. This course is the first of a two-course sequence that is equivalent to the introductory physics sequence taken by science and engineering students at most colleges and universities.

AP Physics C: Electricity and