Ap World History Dbq Research Paper

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Daniel Serrato
Document and Essay Question Assignment 12
Assume for the moment that the Chinese had not ended their maritime voyages in 1433. How might the subsequent development of world history have been different? What value is there in asking this kind of “what if ” or counterfactual question? Starting off when I first read this question I thought to myself that this is a interesting question. The way the history would have been different if the development of the world history might have been different is if the Chinese had continued the maritime voyages they would have been the most advanced and richest in the world. The only way they could have done it thought if china would have been an aggressive trade competition they would have been the power over European Counterparts. If the chinses could have done it, they would have brought a limit to the Western European and Christianity in other regions that influenced cultural and political influence beyond east Asia. Well adding what
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Starting off with religion. A global traveler would have predicted the spread of the Islam, Buddhism and Christianity would continue and the cultural regions would continue to expanded and be prosperous. A global travel would also seem to predict that commerce and exchange would have continue to have an important impact on civilization development. Also the influences would continue to have an important impact on civilization and the influence of empires would grow as well as the regions that were being occupied by the Pathoclitic societies would become smaller.
In what ways did the gathering and hunting people of Australia differ from those of the northwest coast of North America? What kinds of changes were transforming West African Igbo and the North American Iroquois as the fifteenth century unfolded? What role did Central Asian and West African pastoralists play in their respective