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Morgan Mahaffey
APES In The News
While completing the APES in the news project, I learned that the human population has negatively impacted the environment in a variety of ways. Humans have caused a large majority of global warming, children have been forced to work in mines, and the extinction of certain animals is being brought about by poaching. In order to better the surrounding environment, we as a nation will have to make a more conscious effort to preserve our world. Five major concerns in our world today consist of pollution, biodiversity, global warming, mining, and other environmental issues.
In an article titled Climate detectives reveal handprint of human-caused climate change in Australia, it is extremely apparent that humans have caused much of the global warming aspect that exists today. In just one year (2013) in Australia, its hottest day, hottest month, hottest summer, hottest spring, as well as hottest year was recorded. In addition, massive heat waves and drought periods were inevitable. Other results included the shifting or rain farther South which directly affected agriculture regions, fires, and drastic ocean warming. It was also noted that these things would not have occurred if it weren’t for the impact of humans.
I was well aware that humans caused global warming, but I had no idea to this extent. When put in this perspective, it is truly hard to believe that we have caused a continent to experience its hottest year. It is apparent that if we, as a whole, continue to practice the same actions, our planet will only continue degrading and, more than likely, at an even faster rate.
Another article that really opened my eyes was India’s Mica Mines: The Shameful Truth Behind Mineral Make-up’s Shimmer. This article mainly talks about child labor in Jharkhand. Many children are being forced into mines in search of mica: a valuable resource used to produce many different kinds of make-up including L’Oreal, Lancome, Maybelline, and Redken. In attempt to better the environmental conditions, the government shut many of these