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Testing Hypothesis In Biology: The first step of the scientific process is a mix of observations and communication which generates questions that can lead to the formation of a hypothesis. A hypothesis is an educated guess. Once the hypothesis has been proposed, you may now use it to predict the outcome of the experiment. Next, you conduct the experiment and record the observed results. Now determine if the observed results were what you predicted and if it supports or rejects your hypothesis, this is called claim. Evaluate the validity of the claim. You will know now if the outcome is informative and can provide a foundation for additional tests of the hypothesis, you might need modification of the hypothesis, or creation of a new hypothesis.
Guidelines For Writing A Lab Report: All submitted lab reports must be typed. The report must include a results page and a conclusions and acknowledgements page. Each report should have a title and your name. The results page includes drawings, tables, and graphs which should include labels, titles, and a finger legend. The conclusion section states your hypothesis and answers why you got the results you did. Thank everyone that helped in the experiment in the acknowledgements section.
Statistics: A field of applied mathematics in which values for variables are used in a variety of ways is statistics. Statistics gives three purposes; summarizing and plotting data, prediction, and hypothesis testing. Descriptive statistics includes graphs, tables, or other numerical methods