Essay on Arab and Muslim Americans

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Arab and Muslim Americans
The social media and public have given Arab and Muslim Americans drastic unkind looks after the 9/11 catastrophic. The history between the Special Population group and American’s has not always been bitter. The problems results from the media showing strong federal, religious and social forces, as well as their high level of violent crimes and their cultural association with the Islam and terrorism. This is why Arab and Muslim American are viewed as terrorists. Because of this stereotype it hinders Arab and Muslim Americans from receiving the proper help they need.
Human service workers should be aware of the Arab and Muslim populations have been through a mixture of things leaving their homeland coming to America where they thought they would be welcome. The transition from traditional to western culture is frightened for them and their family. Human service workers need to know that the Special Population does not believe much in therapy because it does not hold any value to them. They believe a healthy mind means a healthy body. Therefore, when seeing the clients you must have an open mind. The worker needs to get familiar with the clients lifestyle and know that male are the authoritarian in the house whole and it is best not to go over his head, but join in with him in making positive decision for the family. Learn the strength, problems, and family strictness will help with best assessing the client.

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Native American
The Native American is a special population that is on a rise. They represent almost 500 tribes and 314 reservations. Their family cultural values consist on sharing with other who is less fortune and they are very frugal group. Intermeddling in other families affairs is considered disrespectful. Pushing for timing frustrated them. The Native American has a strong bond with in their family. Native People are private and keep to themselves. They have a system where inherited are pass down with in the