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Paulo Coelho is from Brazil he was born in 1947. He his success global makes of the most famous writer and in the year 1988 the first issue of his books alchemist. In this book tells about very many personalities, a lot of adventures and many countries of journeys around the world. This is a stunner novel of world statement. The Alchemist had prevailed success globally and became famous. When I was reading The Alchemist. I liked three people in the book.
I will introduce of famous the three people, which it was interesting reading about that in the book. It is these characters that I liked: a young man named Santiago, the merchant gives Santiago a job in Tangiers and come alchemist to Santiago get to know some. Englishman came to the Al-Fayoum oasis to search for alchemist. Santiago began his journey from Spain to search for the dream of buried treasure near the pyramids of Egypt. In the course of his journey he traveled across the Strait of Mount Tariq, through the Passage of Morocco until he reached Egypt. He had many obstacles that almost prevented him from completing his trip.

Santiago he from Spain Andalusia, he was seeing the in a dream repeating twice and come to him child a take his hand and took him to the Pyramids in Egypt, see definite place in the Pyramids he told him will find their treasure. The merchant he from Morocco Tangier his dream he wants to go to pilgrimage, but he doesn't his of money enough, even though earn enough money says to Santiago he doesn't go to pilgrimage because the pilgrimage to him his dream. He is afraid to go to pilgrimage realize his dream will not keep his dream live to him.
Santiago he goes to villages for sale all flock of the sheep because wants to follow his journey and get to treasure. The merchant does not seem