Are You Avoiding Illness Essay

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Dana Zaher
Mr. Jackson
English 1020-098
May 2, 2014
Are You Avoiding Illness?
In the last couple of decades, diseases have been increasing significantly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, studies show that there are 48 million people who get sick each year in the United States due to foodborne illness, 128,000 being hospitalized, and 3,000 who die. In today’s world, keeping a healthy immune system is a very hard task. With all the different varieties of fast-food and daily routines, we tend to forget about our bodies and what they need. But what could be causing such an epidemic? Is it the food we’re eating or is it the way we’re actually eating it? The answer lies in the SAD, or the Standard American Diet, that has been misinterpreted by the FDA. This is where many people assume that they are taking the necessary precautions to fight off deadly diseases, when in reality they are inducing it.
Many of these diseases caused by our SAD is cancer. Cancer is a disease caused by the deficiency of essential vitamins and nutrients in our diet. We have been informed by the government and doctors that it is a disease caused by cells that undergo the process of mitosis nonstop. Unfortunately, we have been misled for years. Have you ever wondered why?
All food, drug, and substance commerce is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). That means that every single thing being given to a consumer must be FDA approved. Whether it is food, injections of some sort, harmful toxins, any type of tobacco or drug must be passed under their hands. Nonetheless, if you haven’t noticed, cures for cancer have never been approved. In fact, the first cures of cancer were given back in 1998 and earlier, by Harry Hoxsey, who had the recipe for a herbal formula that was fully effective, or the research done by Joseph Goldburger in 1914 about the harmful effects of “Diets,” or even John D. Rockefeller Jr., who founded The American Cancer Society; all did so much without any credit.
I’m not here to badger you about what you should and should not do. I’m here to aware you and all of our society. What’s happening will continue to happen if we don’t take awareness towards our food and medicine. The ugly truth will stay hidden in order for the food system to not lose its’ accountability.
It’s about time that we come to our senses and realize something here doesn’t sound right. If chemotherapy, medicine, and other expensive therapies haven’t been reducing the number of cancer victims, then why do we continue to use them? Studies of many famous universities, and especially Dr. David Brownstein in Bloomfield, MI, show that chemotherapy and conventional medicine do not work. Chemotherapy secretes proteins that helps nourish the tumor, therefore making the treatment ineffective, no matter how many cycles.
We are certainly not winning the war on cancer. In fact, were not winning the war on many deadly bacterium that are caused by the food industry. The FDA has been lacking on what it truly needs to do. Exposed videos and documents have been leaked, showing diseased animals themselves in our processed food. If you think that protection on meat and poultry has been reinforced from long ago, then you are wrong. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago, when Kevin, a two and a half year old boy died after twelve days of him developing hemolytic-uremic syndrome from a hamburger that was contaminated with E. Coli. In honor of his death, Kevin’s family started a campaign in 2002 to help reduce contaminations and pathogens from the meat and poultry industry. It was not until 2003 when the government proposed the Meat and Poultry Pathogen Reduction and Enforcement Act that some action was taken in regards to this issue. But you have to remember that Kevin’s Law, the law to help strengthen the government’s ability to prevent contaminated meat and poultry from entering the food supply, took nine years, until 2011, for it to