Area 51 Roswell Essay

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-A downed weather balloon was responsible for the crash at Roswell in 1947 as stated by General Roger Remy(8th force commander), who work as the Carswell Air Force Base(Forth Worth) on July 8, 1947

-remains sent to Army force base and identified by Warrant Officer Irving Newton, who identified it as a weather balloon used for forecasting and such.
-'witnesses s' just claimed it was a flying saucer BUT described parts of a weather balloon.
-there is only really one 'eye witness'- Rancher W. W. Brazel- and he also describes parts of weather balloon, the reason behind him and others thinking it was a flying saucer was due to none of them having actually seen what a military weather balloon looks like up close and personal.

Test-ability- the only way to possibly reenact the phenomena it to recreated events and have a weather balloon released and wait to see what people near by think it is., there has been articles in the news of late that talked about a flying colourful object in the night sky, also thought to be a UFO by others and it turned out it was just a guy taking his new light-up kite out for a fly

Scope: if taken in to consideration, there are a lot of others things in the sky that people have seen and thought to be UFO but were actually balloon, possibly weather or even a regular mylar one. Warrant Officer Irving Newton, who was a weather forecaster at the army base says they use the weather balloons due to the fact that “they go much higher than the eye can see” the fact that weather balloons are not normal seen buy everyday folk just goes to show that it could have easily been mistaken for something when seen broken on the ground.
As well as things that individuals just think they have seen, though there isn't any proof to their claim ( i.e. Nessie, Big Foot,Yeti)

Simplicity-compared to some of the other theories behind the Roswell incident the weather balloon explanation is in…