Argumentative Essay: Do Guns Kill People

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Do guns kill people or do people kill people? This question is a controversial issue; the relationship between weapons and violence has been the argument of many for decades. Some people do not believe that the availability of weapons is an important risk factor for violence (Kleck and Fontanarosa 473-475). They feel the best way to protect oneself from violence is to have a gun (Kellermann and Rivara 6). However, many others disagree on having a gun for protection. A gun at home is more likely to kill a family or friend rather than an intruder (Webster et al. 908). Incidentally, armed victims are just as likely to be killed as are unarmed victims. On the other hand, most people do agree that when guns are used in fights, the outcome is …show more content…
In Elizabeth Ahmann’s article “Guns in the Home: Nurses Role”, there is a growing concern for parents and health professionals alike about firearms in the home (BCPHV). According to the Society of Pediatric Nurses (SPN) in this same article, a teen or preteen commits suicide with a gun every six hours. (Ahmann). In addition, almost 90% of accidental shootings involved children where there was a loaded handgun in the house (SPN 1998). Having a gun in the home more than likely increases the possibility of someone getting hurt (SPN 1998). So what is a person to do with so much violence on the rise? My argument should especially interest families who have experienced situations involving gun violence. I can relate to both sides of this controversial issue. However, if you are a gun owner and have children, I recommend you to educate yourself on the dangers of having a firearm in the household. There are many preventive measures that could be implemented in your home to keep your family safe as stated in this article. One of the best ways to reduce the risks of guns, suggested by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Brady Center to Prevent Violence’s (BCPHV), is to remove guns from your home (AAP and BCPHV 1996). Other suggestions include: always keep the gun unloaded and locked up; lock and store bullets in separate place; make sure the children do not have any access to the keys and find out the best storage and locks to use when securing your guns (AAP and BCPHV