Argumentative Essay: Is A College Degree Worth It?

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Is what I receive out of life dependent on the amount of time I spend in a classroom learning? Higher education is a case sensitive topic in the ever changing dynamics of society; but is the meticulous effort set forth worth the payout? Many would argue that college is a pinnacle point in success for oneself, however it is a decision that doesn’t have to be made. Attending a college or university is highly unnecessary because your level of education shouldn’t clarify skills or capabilities, the cost of providing for college grows immensely, and greatly of all the end result can be less than what was expected for the effort set forth in college.
You would think that actions speak louder than words, but how can this be the case if a college degree
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Just as Heidi Shierholz states, “The rewards for the time, energy, and money that young people put into college are less than they were a decade ago. Since 2000, America’s young college graduates have seen wages adjusted for inflation.” In other words, the once vibrant outlook for those seeking a higher meaning form a college degree has slowly dwindled. “Now, with unemployment expected to remain above 8% well into 2014, it will likely be many years before young college graduates-or any workers-see substantial wage growth” (Shierholz). The above quote goes hand in hand with how a college education is not always worth your resources because for many it’s a chance at an exquisite life and great financial dependence; but that never ensures your dreams or sets what should come your way in stone.
What can be accomplish without college? Surprisingly a lot as it’s unjust and highly skeptical to base people on a title over your actual capabilities and experience. It is true that college can be a tricky path to take thanks to the high costs and poor results that differ from expectations So with that being said, college is decent but should never be required or forced on someone who can perform just as well as someone who has a title whereas they do