Argumentative Essay On Animal Rights

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I concur with the decision that we made that congress should create a bill of rights. While I understand that some processes are vital to our society, I also recognize that animals have some basic rights when it comes to their treatment. There are three main groups of animals whose rights are being abused:farm animals, animals used in cosmetic testing, and animals used in pharmaceutical testing. There should be a uniform code upon which animals are treated within the entire United States of America.
Farm animals are one of the worst treated groups because they are raised with the only intent of killing them later. Farmers justify their cruel and unnecessary treatment by saying that the animals are going to die anyways, however, no one ever
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There are developments now that can allow labs to test their products without abusing animals. There is now the ability to use skin grown in labs in lieu of having “products rubbed over and into [an animal’s] shaved or abraded skin” (Porras). Animals suffer through this abuse because humans deemed it too painful and dangerous to do it on themselves. There is no longer a need for animals to go through this abuse. Labs can actually get more reliable results by testing on lab manufactured tissue because it is grown from human stem cells as opposed to conducting the tests on animal that has a similar genetic makeup to that of a human. Since this lab grown tissue is expensive, it is understandable that all companies cannot afford to use it, however, they should be held accountable for attending to all of their animals’ living quality. Animals should be able to have pain killers while being tested on because these tests can cause many side effects, most of which can be avoided through medication. In some labs, animals are forced to live in small cages for their entire life. Animals used in testing should have a large enough cage for them to be able to walk around and reposition themselves. The current treatment of animals in the cosmetic industry is unnecessary and measures should be taken in order to reduce this avoidable