Entertainment A Form Of ART Essay

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Entertainment a form of ART

There is no one definition to define Art. Everyone looks at the Art in different perspective. Art is everything in this earth, it does not take a connoisseur to judge, what is Art? Everything has meaning behind it. There is nothing that is not art. Everything around us express a feeling, give off a distinctive emotional atmosphere. The famous philosopher had developed a “Theory of Form” based on the idea of appearance (James McNeill Whistler). Based on my interviewer, The Godfather movie is a best example of art. It was released in 1973. The style is what attracted him to see it as a best piece of art; the way producer directed a movie, it influenced a lot of future films, and the actor’s portrait themselves. It’s considered an art because it’s a art of entertainment, it’s not necessary that art is to be presented on a paper. It has been a favorite movie since the childhood, the genre of the movie drama/action. Music form of art, actresses was something about the film which makes it seem very cool.

The godfather is a trilogy. This movie is not just about mafias, and how it entertains the audiences through its plot, and the violence shown in the movie. But it also represents how this movie have the two different cultural values from two different families in the movie. One of the family is American, and other Family is from Italy. It’s clear that both have different cultural values and background. The most important idea is the American dream which is money, power. And it is clearly portrayed in the movie. All of them are after, is money, and the power. The godfather is conveying the message of two different cultural aspects, but all this is just like inviting the corruption.
However, through this comparison, the good and bad aspects of the American dream and Italian culture are exposed. Not only portraying American culture but Italian and Italian-American culture. This movie is straightforward story about how Italian-American families fully understand the American culture. Describing the Family from Italy as an immigrants in United States, they also show their cultural values, and in the past their forefathers have survived in USA. The strong family bond, and worshipping the Catholic Church is the part of Italian culture. Throughout the movie its appearance is shown perfectly. As the movie illustrates Italian and American culture within the movies (Part I-II-III), it manages to have an effect on culture outside itself. Along with its sequels, the godfather offers audiences a trilogy which have completely destroyed the American culture and leaks the foundation, the base of the American Culture to the audiences. After analyzing the godfather movie, and also the cultural values of the Italian and American Family, the movie is literally emphasizing the past story of America. Lately, and slowly the movie has stood up to be an icon for the future movies. Movies which describes and shows the family as a high power, mafias, politics etc. (Swann, Travis)

Based on my interviewer’s definition about the art, I support his definition, because I myself see everything as a piece of art. And also art is something which expresses an emotions, through anything or a paper, it can be monument for example “Taj Mahal”. It is art structure which represents a love story. So art can be anything, but it has to have some kind of meaning to it. What I chose for my art was the painting called, ‘Squirrels on the Chenar tree’ by Mansur. It was one of the famous and loveliest art from Mughal time. The painting has been it approaches a pure landscape art. Going back to my Art history class, the Persian influence is strong, “in the rocks, the gold sky, and leaves and autumn tints of the plane tree, beloved of Persian artist”(“Mughal Painting” 1-3). The Persian art was brought to India in the Jahangir's period. The animals in this painting has been detailed in the Persian manner. As a composition, and in its color, the