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please write 2 paragraphs (or more) on the subject of "authenticity."

Please define the term and then explain your relationship to authenticity. Where do you find it in your daily life or in what kinds of environments or situations do you feel most authentic?

Authenticity in general terms is the quality of being authentic or genuineness. It is something real which lacks falsehood or misinterpretation. Authenticity is original, no transformation has been made therefore something authentic is something which is the same today as it was x years ago. It is not a copy but the original piece of anything which has been created. Authenticity has the quality or being reliable and trustworthy, therefore, it is credible because we can be assured it is valid of being the truthful entity. By example an authentic music is one that represents the harmony and sounds made in ancient cultural music, no modification made.
In my opinion, something authentic is the recipes my mother makes since she follows my grandmothers recipe book which are filled with original and authentic recipes. In addition, my mother does not add aliments or make transformations therefore, they always tastes the same. Even before tasting my meal I can know exactly how it will taste because they come from original recipes with the same ingredients added which makes these recipes authentic to me. Additionally, when I go to the market during summer, I always feel an authenticity in the aliments I buy because they