Arguments Against Behaviourism

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Behaviourism was a nearly radical movement and psychology that completely rejected the mind as source of valid scientific scrutiny. Generate a convincing argument in favour of the value of behaviourism and one against it. Although behaviourism was a nearly radical movement and psychology that completely rejected the mind as source of scrutiny, it still was and continues to be a valuable part in psychology today. Behaviourism, the theory that the human and animal behaviour can be explained and terms of conditioning without appeal to thoughts or feelings, is largely responsible full establishing psychology as a scientific discipline through it’s objective methods and especially experimentation. An example of experimentation was the skinner box. The Skinner box was crucial resource for researchers studying behaviour, it is a chamber that isolates the subject from the external …show more content…
Behavioural therapy is an umbrella term for types of therapy that treat mental health disorders. This form of therapy seeks to identify and help change potentially self-destructive or unhealthy behaviours. It functions on the idea that all behaviours are learned and that unhealthy behaviours can be changed. Examples of behavioural therapy are aversion therapy.

On the other hand I disagree with behaviourism because I believe how one behaves depends on all the mental states one has. There's no such thing as the distinctive behaviour associated with a single mental state in isolation. Any plausible connection between mental states and behaviour will have to invoke many mental states in explaining the behavior. For example: one might say she’s moving to a next state. Her saying that doesn’t necessary means she’s going to. It’s just a thought.

Also behaviourism has lost strength and influence. It is dismissed by cognitive scientists developing intricate internal information processing models of