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Among the many paintings exposed on the USC gallery, I have chosen “Under the Pandanus tree” by Gwendolyn Grant. The emotion emanating from the piece is the main reason of my selection. Indeed, the painting releases a feeling of mystery, peace and serenity. This sensation reminds me my long walks on the beach when I had just arrived in Australia. I think there is something magical to be exactly where earth meets water.

As the title clearly suggests, the subject matter is the woman (profil) sitting under Pandanus trees. The medium used is painting oil on canvas board, which supports obtaining effects on the relief.

As soon as we look at the painting our eyes are drawn first to the woman. The main reasons are her location in the foreground, she is the biggest shape of the painting and finally because she represents the only element in contrast with the nature surrounding her.

The artist used three dull colours to produce her: black for her swimming suit, beige with reddish tints for her skin and pale yellow for her hair. The colour of the trunk is almost similar to her skin. This can highlights the man-nature communion. On the other hand, the painter did not draw her with many details. Indeed, all we can see is her shape and the colours used. Moreover, her eyes are hardly discernible. Therefore, it makes her mysterious and allows everyone to identify with her.

Pertaining the Pandanas, they take up the majority of space. The lines create a circular movement from the woman passing through the trees at the top and then to the ocean, the rocks and the sand. Furthermore, the tree on the