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Art as unity With no boundaries or guidelines to be followed, art can be whatever one would want it to be. The lack of principals opens the door for all variations of people to place their opinion on each piece, the piece being the one thing that brings them together. Although one view may be different than the next, the single piece of art could be considered the constant in the relationship. I have found this to be true in my own life and also in the story of Rothko Eggs. Different styles of art attract different personalities and opinions; this is shown exceptionally in the story of Rothko eggs. The main character in the story prefers abstract art to realism, Realism being a style of art that is considered to be realistic. She expresses her disapproval for realism by explaining to us how everything is already “there”. From her explanation for this I can understand. In my experience at the art museum I also found my self with a negative attitude towards realism. This realistic style of art left me with little to think about. I believe this is what she referred to in the text when she explains how every thing is already there. The Ideas were already laid out on the canvas and gave my imagination no room to grow. Although I believe this style of art may take a higher level of skill, I found I had less appreciation for it in comparison to abstract art. In the book it describes her appreciation for the “room” found in abstract art. In my experience I also feel this way. Her meaning of the room found is that the art piece is open to your interpretations. This aspect of abstract art was very enjoyable to me. The emotions for the painting may be universal in its color or rhythm but each person paints their own attributes and feelings on to the piece at hand. I found myself connecting my emotion to the guided feel of the artists work. Most often abstract art comes with some small guidelines other than color, to guide you toward the general idea of the artist, however some artist do not. Rothko is an example of an artist with minimal guidelines. The large powdery squares of shaded blues I viewed from Rothko moved me. The simplistic shades brought me wistful and hopeful feelings. The way in witch the squares were shaded from a deep blue to a soft powder blue around the edge, reminded me of the ocean and home. The deep large color brought my mind to focus on how much I miss the ocean. As the painting softens up around the edge it stirred up the reassurance that I will be back home and back to the ocean. The girl in the story however was not moved by these paintings. She felt as if she should like Rothko but could not make a connection. I believe this shows a lack of confidence in her own life. When less is shown in a painting I feel it takes a self assure person to be able to relate their life to the painting. In the story of Rothko